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hi, i'm rose.

i love literature, marine biology, hockey, the anaheim ducks, and stupid jokes.


Hey, could you possibly link me your watercolour tutorial? :) For some reason, I can't find it anywhere. (u_u)


Here’s the watercolor tutorial dear :)

…If it’s too image-heavy, you can also find the full version hereimage









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The “Venus” dress from Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 1949 

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The British miscellany, or, Coloured figures of new, rare, or little known animal subjects : many not before ascertained to be inhabitants of the British Isles : and chiefly in the possession of the author, James Sowerby. on Flickr.

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Publication info
London :Printed by R. Taylor & Co., and sold by the author, J. Sowerby by White, Johnson, Symonds, 1806.
BHL Collections:
Smithsonian Libraries

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"You are the goddang whitest person I’ve ever seen."


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Dude the gamecube sucked

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Neat thing I found :3


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When your sports team loses and you don’t want to talk about it. (x,x)

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Mindy Kaling in People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People 2014 issue
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Okay, so I know I get kinda fired up when people are hard on Nazem Kadri and P.K. Subban for their style of play but the perception of athletes of colour as being less disciplined and more violent than their white teammates is a well-documented phenomenon.

Check out this study, which found that Black soccer players in the English Premier League get carded more often than white players: http://www.msaag.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/4-Sullivan-et-al-MSG-442012F.pdf

(There was another British study done that found that British soccer announcers typically described Latin American players as being irrational and hysterical while praising white British players for being courageous, stoic, etc… I can’t seem to find it but if anyone else knows the one I mean, please send a link my way.)

What white people perceive as tenacity in white athletes they perceive as aggression in athletes of colour. When David Clarkson or Dion Phaneuf or Colton Orr gets a stupid penalty, it’s written off as just another stupid penalty. When Nazem Kadri gets a stupid penalty, it’s because he’s “undisciplined” and “hot-tempered” and “needs to learn his place.” When Morgan Rielly or Jake Gardner fucks up, it’s chalked up to nerves or inexperience. When Kadri fucks up, he’s benched.

Racism in professional sports is a very real thing and the NHL is no exception. It’s important to call it out when you see it and hold announcers, coaches, officials, players, and fans accountable.

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